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Laura Jorgensen and Staci Dietzel are both long time athletes with a passion for sports, racing and a keen interest in discovering the latest products to help them compete at their highest level.  Which is what led Staci to launch Runner Box, the subscription box delivering trusted products and accessories geared towards runners (check this months' for a bottle of HOTSHOT!). Combined, the two athletes have raced marathons and IRONMANs all over the world, from domestic stage races to European World Cups. Here they share their tips on how to stick to your training and build your strength during the off season. No excuses.

The Beginning of Runner Box: In 2012, as the subscription box market was just beginning Staci thought it would be a great showcase for new running products, and a great way for athletes to try out new products without having to buy an entire case or box. That's how Runner Box began.

Staci: Can you describe your most memorable moment as an athlete?
One of my most memorable moments was finishing my final of the 6th Major Marathons, London in 2015. I had run the last 3 in relatively quick succession with Tokyo in February, Boston in April and then London 6 days later. I wasn't sure how London was going to go but it was a great day and I was able to pull it off with a respectable time. Wasn't sure if that was going to happen, so that last stretch was incredible.

How do you incorporate HOTSHOT into your training?
I use HOTSHOT before a long run, and if it's hot I carry a spare on me. I like it because it prevents the calf cramping that I sometimes get. I recommend it to anyone that gets muscle cramping as I find it prevents the onset. — Staci

I finish off my breakfast with it in the morning. I love the kick it leaves behind! The research and development that went into the product is amazing and I would recommend it simply because it work. — Laura

Winter season can really hinder an athlete’s training. What are some of your tips?

  • Staying motivated and accountable: Training partners! It’s easy to make your way out the door when someone else’s workout depends on you.
  • Gear for outside workouts? I don’t do much running outside in the winter since I’m in full blown cycling mode by then, but for winter wear I can’t go without my favorite pair of ear warmers, shoe covers and gloves. If my feet, hands and head are warm I can usually cope with anything else being cold. For workouts, I try to keep them short and intense and then get back inside. The mountain bike is always fun when the roads are covered in snow.
  • Do you set up a “pain cave” to simulate the warmer conditions? No, I grew up in Florida so training and racing in warm places comes pretty naturally to me. It’s adapting to the cold that I have a tougher time with so training in it is important.
  • Brick Training: I never run on the treadmill. Ever. But if I really had to I would run 6-8 on the treadmill, then spin for an hour, then TRX/lift for 30.
    Strength training: Sessions that mix up weights and agility so that your legs learn how to be explosive while their loaded.
  • Recover: Massage for sure. Since that’s not always an option I try to stay diligent with ice and foam rolling, but sometimes I slack off since it can be time consuming. Hyperice has some great products I’m loving that make it a lot easier. Their compression ice wrap in particular has become a staple in my training regimen.

What is a typical day of eating like for you?
EVERYTHING IN SIGHT! OK, not really, but close. It’s almost annoying how much you have to eat to support the training load during big blocks. You’re constantly hungry so it’s important to make sure there are always good options available. Lots of protein is key for me and I try to just listen to my body. If I’m craving something in particular it’s usually because my body needs it. — Laura 

What are some of your goals for the new year and how do you stick with them?
Running a business and racing full time is definitely a challenge, not only from a time perspective, but also due to sponsor conflicts between the company and the team. We’re trying something new this year and partnering with a handful of brands that will be in sync with both. The main goal will be top placements in the major domestic calendars. Being sponsored by companies you believe in (and who share the same belief in you) is hugely motivating because you both want the other to succeed. It helps keep you laser focused on your goals and all the things you need to do to get there. Also, much more randomly, I want to learn to bake my own bread! — Laura

My goals this year are to knock off one more continent (aiming to run a marathon on each continent), stay injury free by training and fueling smart, and increase my strength training. I stick with them by planning/writing them into my schedule. — Staci

What are your goals for the new year? Let Runner Box help you get there, use code HOTSHOT to get $5 off any order.



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