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Cyclist Del Mottershaw: "HOTSHOT is My Miracle Cure"

By: Del Mottershaw

I never really looked at myself as an athlete, but here I am. Cycling seemed like the easier sport to get into until I actually understood what was required from my body and me.

I started cycling three years ago taking part in a charity ride, which seemed impossible. Since then, I’ve exceed my own expectations: not only am I able to ride faster but also farther. This is great until I reach that moment where my legs start to shout. Dealing with cramps during the ride was another challenge, but trying to overcome them was something else.

Over the years, I’ve ridden in all conditions and pushed to the farthest distances. No distance has been too hard when I’m on a bike. I’d ride all day and night to reach the end of the challenge, over the longest flats or up the steepest of mountains. Nothing would slow me down or stop me, or so I thought.  

Understanding your body and what it’s capable of is a learning curve I never expected. You always have a chance to fall prey to the dreaded CRAMP. No matter what theories are out there, I’ve tried them all. I even went without alcohol for three months to see if it had an impact. No connection.

It was after my first event of the year that I felt the worst. I’d been training all winter for this race and I was ready.   Everything was going well until we reached the hilly section of the route and my problems became apparent. I love hills, but I couldn't get over this one. I cramped up so badly that I couldn’t even walk up the hill. I tried to massage my muscles to get them relaxed but it never helped. I was broken. After getting to the top of what should have been easy hills, my legs felt like they were on fire. Every rotation of the pedal felt like my muscles were being ripped from my legs.

The following day was no better. It was during this recovery time that I started my investigation into finding the cure to cramping. I was put in touch with a doctor who pointed me to HOTSHOT.

A few days later, I received a delivery of what I hoped to be my miracle cure. What was this magical formula that was to prevent me from suffering with this dreaded cramp? The pleasant fragrance was quite promising and relaxed me slightly making it easier to down the shot. Once I swallowed the shot, I had that feeling of WOW and relief at the same time. The taste lasts for a few minutes but when you feel your muscles starting to burn the taste is the last thing you think about.

The following day I headed out to test HOTSHOT. I reached the 60-mile marker with 2,000 feet under the wheels. My legs started to feel tight and I knew what was coming: It was time to try “the shot” and see if this really does do what it suggests. I waited to feel my legs tighten and deal with the pain that’s to follow, but it doesn't happen. I mean no cramp. I didn’t want to push on too hard, but I needed to know if this really cures my cramp. I push harder and harder increasing my speed trying to get my legs to shout. I felt my legs tightening but the cramp never kicked in. Is this the cure, is my suffering over? I push on with no further signs of the dreaded cramp.

I got home, stretched, showered and rested. I was ready for the evening of pain. I took another HOTSHOT. I needed to see if this really did stop me from cramping. I had no further signs at all! The following day my legs felt great. I didn’t have that after-cramp ache that I normally experience. HOTSHOT seemed to have worked and I like it; I like it a lot!

I’ve been using the HOTSHOT now for the last six months and covered more miles than I ever thought I would with out a single bout of cramping. This really has put a stop to my suffering and I’m loving every bit of it. No more sore legs and aching pains. I ride farther and faster than I ever have.

Along with the mounting list of cycling events, I’m hoping to cover more miles than ever. I love HOTSHOT and will continue to use it for the duration of my sporting lifetime. This is by far the best cure I have ever tried and would highly recommend it. My days of suffering seem to be gone!

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