Connor Fields

Connor Fields

Connor Fields on Overcoming Cramping

Defending BMX Gold Medalist Connor Fields on His Battle With Muscle Cramps:

Connor Fields Training for the Olympics

"As a young athlete I never struggled with cramping. That all changed as I got older and began producing more power. I started struggling with cramping when conditions got hot or cold, and I didn’t know what to do.

I tried a few homemade remedies but nothing could control them, let alone make them go away. That all changed at the 2017 World Championships. During the event I was sitting between knockout rounds clearly in pain. A coach of another rider asked if I was cramping and passed me a HOTSHOT. Instantly I felt relief and was able to turn my day around and make the finals. That next Monday I ordered the largest box of HOTSHOTs offered, and I have been using them at every event since.

I use them before to prevent, as well as after events as needed. They are an integral part of my program."

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