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70.3 World Championships: HOTSHOT Is Making a Difference in Performance

Fatigue. Frustration. The feeling of failure. We’ve heard it loud and clear from thousands of athletes — muscle cramps can completely knock your confidence and shake your performance. After months, if not years, of training, an uncontrollable, soul crushing cramp can take you out of the running no matter what the race. Whether you’re aiming to qualify for a World Championship, or taking on your first 5K, the athlete stories below will convince you to add HOTSHOT to your training regimen. The 70.3 World Championships are days away, and thanks to HOTSHOT, these three athletes will be doing the dance this weekend. Read about their experiences with HOTSHOT below: 

TEDD GIROUARD: “I believe HOTSHOT is one of the cleanest and most beneficial products I have discovered.”  

In the Fall of 2010, I was struggling with fatigue and the motivation to exercise.  I decided to get checked out and was subsequently diagnosed with Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis or NASH. Treatment of this disease is most successful with exercise and clean nutrition and gradual weight loss. At that point, I decided to turn my life around. I quit drinking alcohol, and started to “clean up” my diet. I was further motivated to exercise by my wife, who had been competing in triathlons for several years. With her encouragement and guidance, I began the long path to compete in my first triathlon in the fall of 2011.

Seven years later, I have completely transformed my life. My list of accomplishments in triathlon include; completing my first IRONMAN in 2014, competing in four consecutive 70.3 World Championships, and having the opportunity to represent my county in the 2017 ITU Long Course World Championships

Early in my triathlon carrier I started to struggle with cramping during the swim.  Almost without fail, in this initial leg of the race I would cramp in my hamstrings or quadriceps. This would continue through the first transition until I got on my bike and was fine.  As I started racing longer distances, I began to cramp in my abdominal muscles during the run. At the time, I had a solid understanding of the physiology behind cramping and tried several techniques and products to stop them. Some were more successful than others, but I never was able to completely address the issue. That all changed when I started using HOTSHOT in my pre-race ritual at 70.3 Oceanside in 2016 where I immediately noticed that my cramping during the swim disappeared. During the run I started to feel a cramp coming on, so I drank another HOTSHOT and after about five minutes that, too, was gone. Needless to say, I am now a believer in HOTSHOT and I drink it at every race: 15 minutes prior to the swim and one during the run. 

Discovering a natural product such as HOTSHOT was very intriguing for me, as I do not like to put unnecessary chemicals into my body. In order to compete at the highest possible level I can while keeping contaminates out of my body, HOTSHOT is the answer. As a Licensed Athletic Training College Professor, and an Elite Age Group Triathlete, I believe HOTSHOT is one of the “cleanest” and most beneficial products I have discovered and I will continue to utilize it as my racing career continues to progresses.


REBECCA CARPTENER: “The 70.3 World Championships will be the first time I incorporate HOTSHOT into a race.”  

For years I have struggled with muscle cramping while training and racing.  The cramps could occur during any swim, bike or run and mostly attack my hands and neck, leading me to take a break from competition for a few years.  At IRONMAN 70.3 Florida in April 2017, my entire body started cramping during the race. First in my arms and neck, then my quads and hamstrings.  After crossing the finish line my abdominals started to cramp and I was carried to the medical tent where the doctor noted that he had never seen such severe cramping.  Immediately after, I started working on causes of the cramping and potential remedies.

I started testing HOTSHOT during training and was immediately amazed by how quickly it works.  Originally, I would only take a HOTSHOT at the beginning of a training session, but would still cramp before the end of a long workout.   With experimentation, I learned that I needed to take one every few hours to prevent the cramps from happening in the first place.  During the past few months, I have changed my hydration plan and use HOTSHOT every three hours, or if I feel a twinge of a cramp.  Since June, I have not cramped once during training! The 70.3 World Championships will be the first time I incorporate HOTSHOT into a race, and I now have the confidence that I will be cramp-free! 


STEVEN KELLER: “I rarely finished games without significant skeletal muscle cramping.”

Cramping has been a problem for as long as I can remember. Growing up as a relatively ‘competitive’ soccer player, I rarely finished games without significant skeletal muscle cramping. The cramps have always been similar, in that they primarily show up only on game or race day. I can push myself to extremes during my training, in an effort to simulate race day conditions, but they never show up to the same degree. They may start with hands and forearms on the bike, then gradually progress to my triceps and core as I start to sit up arriving into T2. As the run progresses, my adductors and calves will starts to twinge back and forth for a few miles and then they, eventually, lock up. At this point, my hands and forearms are cramped into complete flexion. If I try to extend my elbow, my triceps lock up and my legs have forced me into a rhythmic shuffle.

This happened at every single triathlon for the past five years. I’ve had both Kona and multiple Kona Qualifier attempts diminished to a humbling pile of cramping rubble as I shuffle home. My mind and body still have the energy to go, but my muscles have shut down for the day.

Prior to this season, I had asked everyone I could think of about these cramps. It was very rare that I would find someone who ever experienced the same degree of skeletal muscle shut down that I would. I did multiple variations of sweat tests, some including electrolyte losses. I tried various protocols of heat adaptation, including saunas and heated trainer sessions. From the various avenues I referenced, some that I could improve were my hydration and electrolyte balance, my fitness and strength, and any muscle imbalances. Continually enhancing my level of detail in these categories had certainly delayed the onset of cramps, but I’ve come to the conclusion that, ultimately, they did and will always occur.

This is where HOTSHOT became a game changer. HOTSHOT will stop or diminish the onset of a cramp within seconds of drinking. Focusing on 70.3’s this year, I typically take one 20-30 min prior to race start. I carry one on the bike, in case of early cramping. And then drink two on the run; one around mile 2-3 and around 6-9. Using this method, I was able to run my fastest 70.3 half marathon and fastest split for my AG at Raleigh 70.3. HOTSHOT is another tool in the tool bag, literally in your fuel belt, that you can use to ward off cramping. I’m looking forward to continued practice and improvement with HOTSHOT so I can have another shot at Kona one day!



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