5 Things Triathletes Have in Common

5 Things Triathletes Have in Common

Less than two months to go? Really? That’s right—October 8, 2016 is Kona time! The Ironman World Championship is just around the corner. For triathletes, it is the pinnacle of performance. For non-triathletes, it is the ultimate opportunity to watch and wonder, “What the hell is up with these people!?” They are intense. They are disciplined. Pain and struggle seem to be energy sources for these athletes. We were curious: With triathletes from across the globe, every imaginable type of person, is there anything these athletes have in common? Here are five traits we believe ring true for most of these amazing athletes:

  1. They are incredibly competitive. Whether in a race or on a treadmill, these athletes are always ginned up to beat the competition (even when they are competing against themselves).
  2. They are meticulously organized, if only to make sure they get all their training in. While some folks are out until 2:00 or 3:00 a.m., these folks are waking up to get in a ride, swim, and/or run session before clocking in for their other job!
  3. Pain is gain and… pleasure?  These athletes know that pain is the path to improvement in their technique and time. They area also gurus of how to alter their focus to deal with the pain. Whether it’s inspirational quotes, music, scenery, or even playing games as they race, the mind-body connection and control is strong with these racers.
  4. They have a sense of pride and a sense of humor about what they do. Triathletes know it takes a triathlete to really get it They entertain the rest of us by listening to our stories about our 5k… then set off to cover a quick 140.6 miles.
  5. It may seem like a given, but research actually shows these athletes can handle more pain than the rest of us. This in no way discounts the grueling hours of training, the nutrition tracking, or early morning gym routines. It’s just one more reason to be amazed!

HOTSHOT will be in Kona cheering on some of the best triathletes in the world as they compete for top honors in a landscape like none other. It is one of our favorite events every year, watching as already amazing athletes push themselves farther than even thought possible. Whether you’re in Hawaii with us or watching from home, it is a race unlike any other. 

Stay in touch as we get closer to Kona! We’ll talk Ironman, athletes, and all things HOTSHOT. 



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