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90% of athletes reported less muscle soreness the next day when using HOTSHOT during a workout, or as a pre-workout drink. So, you can prevent muscle soreness and get back at it quicker with HOTSHOT.

Why Muscle Soreness Happens.

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Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) can occur after a hard workout, often after an increase in duration or intensity from your regular workout. It’s not just lactic acid, lingering soreness is a result of micro-tears in muscle fibers caused by working your muscles in a different way. Inflammation from these micro-tears stimulate sensitive nerve endings in the muscles which in turn creates the sensation of muscle soreness. HOTSHOT’s proprietary formulation targets these sensitive nerves to reduce the muscle soreness they produce.

How to Use HOTSHOT

HOTSHOT sports shot single bottle
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Drink A 1.7 oz. HOTSHOT 15 minutes pre-workout to lessen next-day muscle soreness.

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Drink post-workout to prevent Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

Pro Tips
  1. The 1.7 oz bottle should be taken all at once (like a shot!) and not diluted with another substance.
  2. Make sure to avoid foods and beverages a few minutes before AND after drinking HOTSHOT.
  3. HOTSHOT is best served cold.

The Athletes Speak

Craig "Crowie" Alexander

5X Triathlon World Champion

"I feel HOTSHOT has really enhanced the performance of my key intensity sessions.”
Eric Fireman

CrossFit Competitor

"I took a HOTSHOT before the competition and one just after the hardest of the 6 workouts - I felt pain-free and as things went on, I was more and more mentally comfortable knowing HOTSHOT was working to keep my body feeling good."
Matt Dziama

Pro Lacrosse Player

"I’ve been using HOTSHOT now for a couple of months and I have loved the results. I feel energized and strong after my workouts and practices and I am able to go full speed the next day without soreness or discomfort."

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Backed By Research

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HOTSHOT was originally created to take on muscle cramps, but when we heard from athletes that they also felt a positive effect on their muscle soreness, we field tested it. HOTSHOT has been shown to reduce muscle soreness in more than 90% of athletes over a 2-week study.

More than 9 out of 10 Endurance Athletes and 8 out of 10 Non-Endurance Athletes agree that HOTSHOT:

  • Reduced muscle pain overall
  • Reduced the most severe muscle soreness
  • Reduced muscle soreness even after their longest workout/most intense workout
  • Made noticeable improvements in their level of muscle soreness