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HOTSHOT is scientifically proven to prevent and treat cramps in minutes! The all-natural, proprietary formulation works fast to stop leg and foot cramps that attack while you sleep — in the middle of the night.

Why Cramping Happens.

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Up to 60% of adults suffer from painful, involuntary contractions or spasms at night. Nocturnal cramps usually involve your calf muscles, and/or muscles in your feet or thighs. The pain can last from a few seconds to a few minutes. These cramps are often the result of activity or exercise throughout the day, and in some cases can be linked to certain medical conditions or medications. It’s that combination of muscle fatigue and nerve hyperactivity that cause the muscle to seize. HOTSHOT was uniquely designed to treat that hyperactivity in the nerves.

How to Use HOTSHOT

HOTSHOT sports shot single bottle
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Drink 15 minutes before bed to avoid cramping.

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Drink at the first sign of a cramp and feel the effects within a minute.

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Drink after a workout to prevent night cramping or to help with the lingering soreness from a cramp.

Pro Tips
  1. The 1.7oz bottle should be taken all at once (like a shot!) and not diluted with another substance.
  2. Drink your HOTSHOT post-workout, 15-30 minutes before bed, at or at the hint of a muscle cramp coming on.
  3. We recommend breaking the plastic seal on the bottle ahead of time so it’s easier to take when you need it!
  4. Make sure to avoid foods and beverages a few minutes before AND after drinking HOTSHOT.
  5. HOTSHOT is best served cold.

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By Research

In research at both Penn State University and in field studies, HOTSHOT has been shown to significantly reduce muscle-cramp intensity and duration compared to placebo. Results presented at the American Academy of Neurology and the Society for Neuroscience and published in Muscle & Nerve Magazine and the American Medical Athletic Association Journal.