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Stop Muscle

Cramps Fast

HOTSHOT is first and only product scientifically proven to prevent and stop muscle cramps. HOTSHOT’s proprietary formulation uniquely targets the nerves to shut down cramps.

Why Muscle Cramping Happens

close up of runner's thigh during race

Athletes have historically blamed electrolyte imbalance, nutrition or dehydration for their cramps… but cramping is almost always a result of misfiring nerves. This can be caused by repeated activity, like exercise. HOTSHOT was created to work directly with your nerves, going right to the source to prevent or treat muscle cramps. HOTSHOT does not contain electrolytes — because the issue is the nerves, not your muscles.

How to Use HOTSHOT

HOTSHOT sports shot single bottle
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Drink 15 minutes before exercise to avoid cramping.

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Drink at the first sign of a cramp and feel the effects within a minute.

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Drink after a workout to prevent delayed onset or night cramping and to help with lingering soreness from a cramp.

Pro Tips
  1. The 1.7oz bottle should be taken all at once (like a shot!) and not diluted with another substance.
  2. Take HOTSHOT 15-30 minutes prior to your workout or at the hint of a muscle cramp coming on. The type and duration of exercise as well as environmental factors can change how and how long HOTSHOT works for you. It is safe to drink multiple bottles during a workout —many athletes do just that!
  3. Make sure to avoid foods and beverages a few minutes before AND after drinking HOTSHOT.
  4. HOTSHOT is best served cold.

The Athletes Speak

Tod Siegel

Ultra Athlete

"Once a cramp comes on, it was almost impossible to stop, HOTSHOT stops severe cramps dead on, enough to even finish a race. This stuff works and recommend it to anyone who wants to stop suffering with cramps!"
Chris Wright

Leadville Leadman Series Competitor

"HOTSHOT kills cramps, plain and simple.”
Cicely Madden

Elite National Team Rower

“Through Division 1 rowing to training full time, HOTSHOT has been a key part of my pre-race and cross-training routine to prevent cramps.”

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By Research

Proven to work by researchers at Penn State University and in field studies. HOTSHOT has been shown to significantly reduce muscle-cramp intensity and duration compared to placebo. Among heavy crampers, HOTSHOT has been shown to prevent muscle cramps by over 50% during and after a workout when used 15–30 minutes before the workout. Results presented at the American Academy of Neurology and the Society for Neuroscience and published in Muscle & Nerve Magazine and the American Medical Athletic Association Journal.