Beat Cramps and Soreness

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Muscle cramp? Muscle soreness? Discover how to best use HOTSHOT to address your needs by selecting below.

Calf seize up during training runs? Hand cramp in the 4th quarter? Learn more about what causes muscle cramps and how to best use HOTSHOT to keep them at bay!

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Waking up with leg pains in the middle of the night? Cramping feet or calves? Learn more about what causes these nighttime woes — and how to stop them.

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Muscles tightening between sets or matches? Soreness keeping you from performing your best at a training session? Learn more about how HOTSHOT can help you speed your recovery time.

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“All it took was a Nobel Prize winner experiencing some untimely cramps while sea kayaking a decade ago for people to begin to understand that the causes of muscle cramps may not have much to do with muscles at all.”

– Wall Street Journal

“HOTSHOT is the only scientifically proven formula to prevent and treat muscle cramps on the market.”

– Men’s Fitness

“Most experts blame nasty cramps on dehydration or a lack of electrolytes. But research that’ll be published this month in the Journal of the American Medical Athletic Association has led to the creation of a sports drink that says the real culprit is hyper-excited motor nerves in your spinal cord.”

– Fitness Magazine

“If I was a cramp-prone athlete looking for solutions, I’d go ahead and give HOTSHOT a try.”

– Runner’s World