What Types of Muscle Cramps Are Treated by HOTSHOT?

We couldn’t be more excited to tell you about our product—the first scientifically proven product to prevent and treat exercise associated muscle cramps. We tell the story through testimonials and case studies, editorials and whitepapers. But we’d like to give you more details on the science behind our product and how it works. Today, let’s … Continued

5 Ways Stay Motivated and Build Mental Toughness

We all have those days: extra sleep is irresistible, dinner with friends is a must, and/or you just really need to catch up on one (or six) episodes of your favorite show. You’ll train extra hard tomorrow. It will all balance out, right? Well, kind of. No, you can’t really make up that lost time. … Continued

HOTSHOT versus The Breckenridge Spartan Beast

By: Nichole Pool, Colorado Spartan Racer The Beast: August 27th was an epic day. You could feel the energy as 4,400 Spartans steeled their bodies and calmed their minds waiting for the release of their wave, ready to tackle over thirty obstacles that stood between racers and their victory. Chants of “AROO!” wafted down the mountain … Continued

What the Heck are TRP Channels and Why Should We Care?

By: Dr. Bob Murray, Managing Principal at Sports Science Insights and advisor to HOTSHOT Most everyone has felt the heat of a spicy meal or the piercing discomfort of brain freeze after drinking a cold beverage too quickly. Both of those responses are made possible by TRP ion channels located in the membranes of sensory … Continued

Trimania Triathlon Winners Say: “I Was Able To Go 100% All Day!”

On March 19th, more than 2,000 athletes shook off their cabin fever and participated in Boston’s Trimania Summit and Expo. Excited for racing season to begin, elite coaches and athletes arrived ready to work out, learn from the experts (including Flex Pharma’s Tom Wessel), and compete in the event’s many races. The highlight (of course) … Continued

Cramp Free at Malibu Gran Fondo

We spoke with three cyclists who hit the hills of Latigo during the 171 km, two-day Malibu Gran Fondo in early March. With hundreds of rides completed between them, the three seasoned athletes, each prone to muscle cramping, were excited to discover #ITSTHENERVE at a crucial time of the ride. Read about how #ITSTHENERVE helped … Continued

Athletes Who Break Barriers

One of the things that draws us again and again to sports is its dynamism. Those men at Elysian Fields in 1846 never dreamed their game would become the pastime it is today. Jesse Owens couldn’t have imagined Scott Jurek anymore than Mark Spits could have predicted Michael Phelps’s achievements just 30 some odd years … Continued

5 Items To Buy on Every Grocery Store Run

So, you’re just running in to grab this or that. Great! We all have those unexpected trips to the grocery store for a specific item we forgot yesterday or we ran out of this morning. If we’re eating the way we should be though, chances are we’re also probably running low on a few of … Continued