Athletes across many sports drink HOTSHOT. Here’s what they shared about how they use the cramp prevention and recovery shot to maximize their performance.

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Craig “Crowie” Alexander

5X Triathlon World Champion

"I am a big believer in the science behind HOTSHOT. It has really enhanced the performance of my key intensity sessions.”
Cicely Madden

Elite National Team Rower

“Through Division 1 rowing to training full time, HOTSHOT has been a key part of my pre-race and cross-training routine to prevent cramps.”
Connor Fields

Olympic Gold Medalist BMX Racer

"HOTSHOT enables me to focus on racing at 100% maximal effort, without the added worry of cramping becoming a problem."
Adrian Menendez-Maceiras

Professional Tennis Player

"Since taking Hotshot I have seen a huge improvement in my muscle soreness during long demanding matches or training sessions.   It also gives me mental clarity before the start of my matches."
Antonia Perry


"HOTSHOT at Mile 16 today got me through the marathon. I was bracing myself for a world of pain, as my feet were starting to hurt. I drank the HOTSHOT as a preventative measure for cramps, but it helped the foot pain, and I finished stronger than the first half! No cramps!"
Tod Siegel

Ultra Athlete

"Once a cramp comes on, it was almost impossible to stop, HOTSHOT stops severe cramps dead on, enough to even finish a race. This stuff works and recommend it to anyone who wants to stop suffering with cramps!"